Miao Health has officially released Miao Bao, an insurance t_大话讲天下

Miao Health has officially released Miao Bao, an insurance t

Euro 100 million health August 28 news, "Miao Bao" and Miao Yijia Health Science and Technology Group Technology Insurance Platform launch ceremony was held in Beijing today. Miao Health Team officially released the "Miao Bao" brand, while releasing the intelligent verification platform MUS 1.0 and the insurance user health management platform MDI 1.0.
In 2018, Miao Health purchased Shanghai Tongren Insurance Brokerage Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Yuanhe Dada Insurance Agency Co., Ltd. and started to set up Miao Bao Business Department. A year later, Miao Health handed over its first "report card".
The launch of MDI 1.0, an insurance user health management platform, means that wonderful health services have moved from "insurance" to "health management". Wang Yanhua said that in the past, the insurance wind control was passive. On the basis of active wind control, the health management platform for insurance users can help users achieve one-stop service of chronic disease management, risk assurance and medical service. In Miao Health's original Miao +, Miao Yun, Miao Health's traffic and technical support, this platform can run better.
From a technical point of view, there are four bright spots in the two platforms released:
1. Depending on Miao Health's ability of "Internet of Things", "Lifestyle Medical Model" and "AI Health Management", Miao Bao Platform can provide users with risk assessment, insurance consulting, claims settlement and other services.
2. Depending on Miaobao's ability to access health data and collect data from different dimensions, Miaobao platform can form large data analysis capability of health care, and ultimately create thousands of health and exclusive insurance schemes.
3. Miaobao has an artificial intelligence health management platform, a professional health intervention prescription library, and an insurance service that integrates the production of chronic disease insurance policies, intelligent nuclear insurance and intelligent health data application platform.
4. For the risk of chronic diseases, we can provide all kinds of wind control schemes for chronic diseases products. With the help of AI intelligence, we can recommend health plans and health tasks, so that slow patients can be insured and insured.
Next, Miaobao is also planning to launch more personalized products based on different scenarios, such as hepatitis B. At the same time, Miaobao will also open up and cooperate with insurance companies to build a new ecosystem of Health Science and technology enabling insurance.妙健康的野心与健康险未来5年
In May this year, when Miao Health completed the C round of financing, it was disclosed that the two offline scenarios will undoubtedly be more closely integrated with Miao Health's business in the future, creating more new scenarios for the promotion of Miao Bao's channel.